Our Hydro Speed activities in Briançon, Serre Chevalier Vallée

The most intuitive whitewater approach!


Discover the most intuitive discipline of whitewater sports and come play the closer you can ever get to the elements. Lie down in the water equipped with a full body reinforced wetsuit and feel the flow to orient yourself with flippers on your feet and a float in your hands. Also called White Water Swimming (WWS), learn aquatic autonomy, develop your coordination, and enjoy the river by totally immersing yourself in the natural element.


A qualified and certified WWS instructor will permanently accompany and guide you for an optimal safety and a 100% fun experience: accompanied children from 9 years old (depending on the sections and paddler experience), without any age limit!


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Briançon hydrospeed
Hydro speed à Briançon, sur le parcours St Chaffrey Prelles

Nos parcours

Briançon - Prelles

(difficulty 2/4-classes II/III-6/7km)


This descent is ideal for anyone wishing to discover the basics of Hydro speed: adapted to accompanied children from 9 years old, without any age limit!


We will embark upon the Durance river downstream from Briançon and navigate to our base in Prelles, on rapid sections of class II/III. During this half-day trip, we will initiate you to water movement interpretation and share our experience and knowledge on the environment of the river as well as the techniques and methods to integrate yourself to the heart of the flow. We will also organize a small snack at the end of the trip.


It is the best way to introduce oneself to White Water Swimming (WWS) adapted to all, alone or as a group: a qualified and certified instructor will always guide and teach you to orient yourself in complete safety. Mastering the maneuvers, identifying and adapting to the many water movements will enable you to discover the sliding feeling on a river level in accordance with your technical level: enjoy the river and cross the Le Villaret (class III rapid) in full autonomy.



hydrospeed facile briançon


Niveau facile à peu difficile

parcours briançon serre chevalier


Demi journée

rafting raft eau sport briançon serre chevalier


50 €/pers.

St Chaffrey - Prelles

(difficulty 4/4-classes II/III/IV-10km)


This intense descent is perfect for experienced whitewater enthusiasts wishing to develop a technical approach of White Water Swimming (WWS): adapted to children from 16 years old, without any age limit!


Starting from Chantemerle and sailing down to Briançon, discover the most beautiful aquatic landscapes of Serre Chevalier Vallée: The Lower Guisane and its class II/III/IV rapids. During this half-day trip, we will navigate on active and technical sections to fill up with thrills and adrenalin: develop your autonomy and water movement adaptation. We will share our skills and knowledge on the most secret aspects of the river and its surroundings.


Discover White Water Swimming (WWS) and channel your efforts for the descent with a qualified and certified instructor ensuring your safety at all times. You will be participating in many on- and off- activities such as whitewater rapid crossing, river interpretation and adaptation to its risks and environment: take up the Guisane challenge!



hydro briançon serre chevalier


Niveau difficile

briançon eaux vives


Demi journée

rafting raft eau sport briançon serre chevalier


60 €/pers.

vallouise pelvoux l'argentière la bessée hydrospeed rafting
Hydro speed à Briançon, Serre chevalier

What is needed for your Hot Dog/Air Boat journey?


We ask you to arrive to our base with your swimsuit already on: every second saved on the shore in one more spent on the river! Also anticipate the after-rafting life and bring your own towels and dry clothes to put on once back to our base in Prelles. Also bring a pair of water-adapted shoes (« closed » ones, not flappers) to put them during the descent: if you do not have any, we can lend you some. Should you need them, bring some sunscreen lotion, and you may bring your phone (placed in waterproof barrels we provide) during the journey to take some pictures and/or videos.


For safety and sanitary measures, we also ask you to bring your own mask: you will be asked to leave it on during the equipment phase and the shuttle time, and we will put them in individual bags placed in our waterproof barrels to be able to give them back to you after the descent.


In short:


  • Swimsuit on

  • Towel and dry clothes

  • Water-adapted shoes

  • Sunscreen lotion and a telephone

  • FFP2 face mask


What is included in your Hot Dog/Air Boat journey?


In terms of equipment, we supply the entire outfit needed for the activity: our equipment complies with the applicable standards and in state-of-the-art condition. Our life jackets comply with the following norms: ISO 12402-5 or NF EN 393 and/or ISO 12402-4 or NF EN 395, in accordance with the applicable standards. Our protective helmets comply with the following norm: NF EN 1385, in accordance with the applicable standards. We also ask you to bring (or provide you if need be) closed shoes fitting your shoe size. Finally, we also provide complete protective thermal and refinforced clothing: the entire attire is made of neoprene or equivalent, and includes a full Long John Silver wetsuit, neoprene socks, long-sleeved vest and/or waterproof windbreaker. Of course, the flippers and the float are also included.


In addition to the equipment, we also take care of the transportation from our meeting point at our base in Prelles and shuttle up to the embarkment spot to the river.


In short:


  • Life Jacket

  • Protective Helmet

  • Thermal and reinforced clothing

  • Flippers and float

  • Shuttle transportation services