rafting eaux vives briançon
Rafting à Briançon, Serre Chevalier

Welcome to Rafiki Rafting

Rafting specialists in Briançon, Serre Chevalier Vallée

Eager to discover the whitewater sports close to Briançon, near “Serre Chevalier Vallée”? Rafiki guides will take you on a trip to discover all the most beautiful rivers around in complete safety!

Join us and enjoy a memorable experience in Briançon, an exceptional and amazing area in the very heart of the French Alps.

Covid-19 information: Rafting in Briançon.


Nowadays and during these particularly demanding times, outdoor activities and nature-oriented experiences are part of everyone’s fulfillment and well-being. Even though such activities are hugely beneficial to everyone, we cannot allow them to participate to the propagation of the virus.


Consequently, the entire team of Rafiki rafting has set up a procedure adapted to the ongoing situation, ensuring the safety of anyone choosing us.


We will keep on offering our clients whitewater activities, complying to all the recommendations from the government, the Minister for Sports, and the French Canoe Federation.


We will therefore only welcome groups arriving together and already constituted (family, group of friends, company members, …) one at a time.


We are fully aware that respecting the protective measures and the necessary precautions are essential to fighting the pandemic, so we are committed to provide clean and disinfected equipment, complying to the existing standards.


Our Neoprene wetsuits are sanitized after each use with a bactericide, fungicide and virucide product, up to the NF EN 14476 current norm: the paddles, helmets, boats, and vehicles are properly taken care of after every use. Upon your arrival, you will be offered some hydroalcoholic gel and asked to fill a specific document so are able to contact you in case a « cluster » is declared.


We are utterly convinced that such measures will enable you to come and enjoy our rivers and all outdoor activities with a total peace of mind.


Should you want more information, do not hesitate to get into contact with us.


Collective safety is only possible through individual and personal precautions: fighting Covid-19 is a joint effort.



Our whitewater and paddling activities in Briançon

rafting à briançon
Air boat hot dog briançon serre chevalier
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With more than 10 years of experience, the Rafiki Rafting team is eager to help you savor the Hautes Alpes delights.


We are indeed ideally located at the very heart of exceptional territories:



  • The Briançonnais area, including the Serre Chevalier and Montgenèvre ski resorts, the natural and unspoilt valleys of La Clarée and Cervière with their high-altitude lakes and the mythical mountain passes of the Tour de France.

  • The Pays des Ecrins area, in the middle of the Parc National des Ecrins with its over 4100 meters high peaks, the Vallouise valley and its historic Ailefroide alpinism and mountaineering site ranking second best after Chamonix.



These incredible natural summits and glaciers give birth to a large variety of rivers and whitewater journeys, which levels and intensities are adaptable to each and everyone. Embark upon many different navigation supports such as Rafting, Air Boat/Hot Dog (1/2-seater inflatable kayak), Hydro Speed (see our « Hydro Speed section) or Kayak (plastic-made, one-seater boat), you will discover our rivers and explore our beautiful and untouched landscapes.


We are committed to offer you an unforgettable experience: have a special time with us and make the most of our wildlife, both on the river and during a snack we’ll have on the riverbanks.


Treat yourself with Rafiki Rafting! Be it with the family (children accepted from 5-years old) or among friends, for athletes requiring a technical descent or inquisitive minds intrigued to discover something different and fun, you will be accompanied by qualified, certified and passionate river guides. Come and take a break with us: we will be happy to make your time memorable!





rafting briançon serre chevalier
Rafting à Briançon